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Business model

We work closely with our clients to build bespoke models. We make our models easy to use, with simple and graphical outputs. Our models allow you play with assumptions, and immediately see the impact of a change in any parameter. Our business modeling services comprise of:

Cold eyes review

We work with our clients to provide assurance on their models. We stress-test the model, and provide third parties like banks and investors with assurance that it is free of errors.

Decision support

We build reports for you for any business need you may have: data dumps, ad hoc business cases, make or buy decisions, bonus scheme simulation, contract bid/renewal support, what-if scenario's, etc.


Our models can help you put a value on your own business, as well as on that of a potential target. They can help you decide the cost of, and the return on an investment, as well as the impact on the overall return on capital employed.

Recurring models

We offer consolidation models, as well as management reporting and cash flow models as part of our recurring service offering. Other reports for daily use include KPI monitoring, planning, budgeting & forecasting, and data dump beautification.