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Carve-out (M & A carve-out)

Are you considering to carve-out a business unit?  You may be looking to improve cash flow, to optimise ROCE, to focus on core business, or even to divest some assets after a deal. Just like merging two companies, spinning off a division creates numerous challenges.

We think with you throughout the carve-out lifecycle:

  • strategic analysis: we're your sparring partner in validating the strategic assumptions and stress-test your transaction rationale
  • financial analysis: with easy-to-use models, we identify the financial impact of various scenario's, and we uncover any stranded costs left in the mother company
  • opportunity analysis: building on the strategic analysis, we identify the carve-out challenges, the sources of cash,  the ease of attainment and the various exit routes
  • building a teaser and other marketing material to approach potential buyers
  • negotiation advice & execution: you will retain more potential buyers if there is clarity on the standalone viability of the carved out unit
  • transparency: clear Transition Services Agreements (TSA's) help both buyer and seller avoid unexpected costs after Day One


We've worked with some of the biggest - and smallest - companies in the world. We've routinely assisted multibillion Euro deals for periods of 6 to 12 months, serving clients on multiple continents. For other clients, we've limited our involvement to providing them with the integration tools and an accelerated integration set-up. The level of involvement depends on the deal complexity and the availability of in-house resources to focus on the deal.