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Exit readiness

Are you considering to dispose your business - or part of your business? Managing a divestment successfully is an art in itself. Businesses with a significant focus on exit readiness generate the highest return (*).


Increased focus leads to increased value, as it helps the business to stand up against scruitiny from a plethora of external stakeholders. They will examine closely your business plan, your balance sheet and profit and loss account .


You may want to do a exit readiness diagnostic, before embarking on a sales process that will involves month, sometimes years of planning, preparation and completion. A typical exit readiness diagnosis is a 2 to 5 day assignment.

Once you decide to go for the exit route, we help you to be prepared to answer questions involving:

  • your understanding of the market and its drivers
  • your ability to articulate and support your company's market position
  • the robustness of your business plan, key assumptions and drivers
  • your track record of meeting budgeted revenues
  • key management retention.

Planning for the exit is a fundamental activity during the period of ownership.











(*) Ernst & Young exit readiness survey 2009