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PMI integration

PMI integration

Transactions are essential in corporate strategy today. Yet often, due to lack of focus on deal integration, the final outcome fails to meet expectations. In today's environment, companies must be able to clearly articulate where they plan to extract value, and how they will make the transaction work. This calls for a well-defined & integrated approach. Long before you've closed the deal, you'll have considered all integration related issues to you help you launch the necessary post deal initiatives. We think and work with you throughout the integration process:

  • on the deal rationale: does the contemplated deal fit your corporate strategy
  • on the negotiations: how not to transfer the deal value to the seller
  • on how to capture the value identified prior to the transaction
  • on how to manage the crunch points in integration transactions
  • on people: how to bring the best out your new, enlarged team
  • on the many elements to consider: blending workstreams like operations, IT, reporting, legal, sales, finance, reporting, etc.
  • on the very practical side of things, like tools, templates, common language and meeting cadence
  • on the day-to-day implementation of the integration.
  • on project managing all parties involved, including the various advisers
  • on the opportunity cost of delaying: what is cost/benefit calculating of not integrating?

Coming late to the table: even if you can only focus on integration years after signing, we can help you to set things straight.



We've worked with some of the biggest - and smallest - companies in the world. We've routinely assisted multibillion Euro deals for periods of 6 to 12 months, serving clients on multiple continents. For other clients, we've limited our involvement to providing them with the integration tools and an accelerated integration set-up. The level of involvement depends on the deal complexity and the availability of in-house resources to focus on the deal.