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Working capital

Working Capital

Since 2002, working capital performance in Europe has improved from 48 days to 41 days in 2010. In the US it improved from 43 to 37 days respectively (1). When times are tough, the first place to release cash is your own balance sheet.

Not so simple

Unfortunately, working capital management is not as simple as "don't buy stock, don't pay your suppliers, and collect your receivables now". Working capital management is a way of thinking. It means gaining greater control over your cash flows, and questioning established wisdom.

Working capital management means a redesign of your process flows, enforcing compliance, maintaining internal and external discipline, and step by step shortening your cash-to-cash cycle. It is not worth the effort without a top management mandate.


A positive impact on your profit and loss account

The money released from your balance sheet will give you financial breathing space and result in an improvement of your result.